7 Secrets About Career That Nobody Will Tell You

February 07, 2018

DDid you know that more than 90% of students do not have a clear career path even after their 12th grade?

Actually, this is one of the causes of unemployment. The fact that students at this stage of education are not aware of available opportunities and options, there is low achievement levels. Lack of preferences means they lack definite goals.

It is a sad reality for the community because this generation is expected to further development in different aspects of the economy. The students will be vibrant in describing the kind of jobs and lifestyle they want but they lack the strategies towards achieving the goals.

The future of our society is at stake. We have to do something.

The idea behind this mega expo isenlightening the students on various industries and requirements of excelling in their preferred career goals. They need to know importance of setting a specific career goal early in their life. By the time students get to 10th grade, they should have an idea of what they intend to be in life with regards to career.

The career path should be clear.

The expo is an opportunity for you to showcase your ideas in your field of specialization. It will help in motivating students and guide them in proper choice of diploma and degree programs. Professional guidance from stakeholders in the industry will also expose them to suitable career options in case the results do not match their dreams.

This education expo seeks to merge the gap between students, institutions, and the industries.

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